Water faucet

High-quality water fittings for the catering trade

Be it for cleaning glasses and dishes or for the preparation of food - water is indispensable in gastronomy. A suitable water tap must therefore be available, of course. However, when buying the right mixer tap, special requirements must be taken into account. A simple water tap for private use does not usually meet these requirements and is therefore a very bad choice. Instead, we recommend that you use a professional water tap for the catering trade. In our shop you will find high-quality gastronomy fittings in differentbr versions.

Gastro water fittings for every need

With us you will find water fittings for every need. It does not matter whether you need a
high-pressure or a low-pressure fitting, a water fitting for one or two sinks or a pure gastro fitting for cold water. We guarantee that we have the fitting model that will meet your requirements.

Buy high-pressure or low-pressure water fitting ?

If you want to buy a water faucet, you need to know, among other things, whether you need ahigh-pressure or a low-pressure faucet. To find out which is the right one, you need to check how the water is heated in your home. If the heating system is used to heat the water, there are two connections on the wall. These are usually marked with a red ring for warm water and a blue ring for cold water. In this case, you need a high pressure fitting.If, on the other hand, the water is heated by a boiler, there is only one connection for your water fitting in the wall. In this case you need a low-pressure tap.

This is how a high pressure valve works

A high pressure faucet mixes cold and hot water in the faucet. It has two connections, one of which serves as the inlet for cold water and the other as the inlet for hot water. The designation high pressure fitting indicates the pressure prevailing in the water fitting.

This is how a low-pressure fitting works

An low pressure fitting, on the other hand, has three connections, one of which is connected to the cold water supply. The other two connections connect the

water tap with the boiler, where one of them supplies the boiler with cold water and the other one transports the water heated in the boiler to the tap.

Water fitting for one or two basins

In our shop you will find water fittings for one basin as well as models that you can use for two basins. Depending on the existing sink units, you will always find a Gastro fitting that perfectly matches your requirements and which supplies you with water as required.

Water fittings for cold water

If you don't need hot water or only have a cold water connection, a pillar tap is the right choice. A tap of this type has only one inlet, which is mounted on the corresponding cold water connection.