Air compressor

Air compressor: draft beer with compressed air

Air compressors are available in countless different designs for very different purposes. They can also be used to tap beer, for example. Because some dispensing systems can also be operated with compressed air from an air compressor instead of a CO2 bottle.

If you are interested in this type of tap, you will find suitable beer dispensing systems and air compressors as well as suitable accessories in our shop.

Everything you need to know about dispensing with an air compressor at a glance

  • The compressed air fed into the beer dispenser with the air compressor can generate the necessary dispensing pressure.
  • Beer dispensing systems with air compressors are an alternative to the much more widespread beer dispensing systems with CO2.
  • The compressor must be properly connected and operated in order to prevent dangerous accidents.
  • With us you will find air compressors for dispensing systems and matching accessories, such as compressed air hoses.
  • Depending on the model, a dispensing system with a compressor can sometimes draw around 140 liters per hour.
  • How does an air compressor work?

    An air compressor is equipped with a compressed air tank. This is used to store compressed air, which can be used, for example, to inflate the tires of a car or to operate certain tools.

    As a rule, air compressors are driven by an electric motor. But there are also models that are operated with muscle power and have a foot pedal for this purpose, for example.

    Possible areas of application for air compressors

    Air compressors are used for a myriad of different purposes. Among other things, they are used on construction sites, in workshops and for cleaning.

    Air compressors on construction sites

    Air compressors are used on construction sites to operate special tools. These include, for example, nailers and staplers that are operated with compressed air, as well as compressed air chisel hammers, with which the old plaster can be removed from walls.

    Air compressors in workshops

    You are probably aware that car tires are inflated with an air compressor. For this purpose, there are both models in which you can set the air pressure in advance, as well as devices in which the inflation must be stopped manually when the compressor indicates that the correct air pressure has been reached in the tire.

    In addition, air compressors are used in workshops, for example, for painting and as an aid when changing tires, as they help with the even application of the car paint or make it easier to tighten and loosen the wheel nuts.

    Compressors to help with cleaning

    The use of high-pressure cleaners proves to be a great relief, especially outdoors. With the help of the air pressure-operated cleaners, the floors of terraces or garden paths can be freed of dirt. In addition, high-pressure cleaners can be used when washing cars. With a sandblaster powered by compressed air, paint and rust can even be removed.

    Which key figures are important for air compressors?

    There are air compressors in different capacities and designs. In order to choose the right model, it is therefore important to know some relevant metrics. In addition to the capacity of the corresponding pressure vessel, these are in particular the suction capacity and the output capacity.

    What is the capacity of the pressure vessel?

    The more capacity the pressure vessel has, the greater the storage capacity of the respective air compressor and the more compressed air it can release before the compressor has to be switched on. An air compressor with the largest possible pressure vessel is particularly recommended for stationary tools. If the air compressor is to be used on the move, however, a smaller model is usually the better choice.

    The suction power of the compressor

    The suction capacity of the compressor provides information about how much air the device can suck in and compress in liters per minute. Piston compressors can suck in more air than they can deliver. When buying, therefore, bear in mind that the suction performance alone does not say anything about the actual performance of the air compressor. The value is therefore only suitable as an orientation.

    The output power of the air compressor

    In contrast to the suction capacity, the output capacity actually indicates the capacity of the respective compressor. The output power is therefore the decisive value to check whether the compressor is suitable for the purpose or whether a stronger or weaker device is necessary.

    So that the air compressor does not run continuously under full load, it is advisable to buy a model whose output power exceeds the power actually required by around 30 percent.

    What air pressure does the compressor generate?

    In order to evaluate the performance of a compressor, the air pressure it generates also plays an important role. Depending on the model, this can reach around 10 bar. But there are also compressors where the air pressure is even higher.

    Dispensing systems with air pressure compressor

    When the beer ferments, CO2 (carbonic acid) is formed. On the one hand, this ensures that the beer gets its typical tangy taste. On the other hand, the beer keg is also under pressure due to the carbonic acid. In order to prevent them from escaping and to avoid problems with tapping, it is imperative to ensure the right counterpressure.

    As a rule, this is generated by connecting a suitable CO2 bottle to the dispensing system. With the help of a pressure reducer, the tap pressure can be adjusted to the correct level. Some types of beer, such as Guinness, are also tapped with a mixture of CO2 and nitrogen.

    In addition, with suitable dispensing systems, it is also possible to generate the pressure required for dispensing with the aid of compressed air. The air compressors designed for this normally allow a stepless regulation of the air pressure. As a result, the tap pressure can be adapted very precisely to the tap system so that the beer can be poured without any problems.

    Buying a compressor: what should you pay attention to?

    Of course, if you are planning to purchase an air compressor, you have to make sure that the device of your choice is actually suitable for your application. Depending on the future use, very different things can be important when buying.

    A compressor intended for the operation of a dispensing system or occasional private use does not, for example, have to meet the same requirements as a device that is to be used in a professional workshop.

    Before buying a particular air compressor, you should therefore first consider the purpose for which you are using it and which special requirements must be met accordingly.

    If you need a model for tapping beer without a CO2 bottle, you are right, for example, with one of the specially made mini compressors from our range. The compact devices impress with a surprisingly high tapping capacity. Depending on the model, the air compressors can draw 40 or 140 liters per hour, for example.

    It is therefore easily possible to choose a compressor that offers you exactly the right tapping capacity. The more powerful devices can handle a high number of guests. A beer dispensing system with an air compressor is therefore a good alternative to the usual dispensing with CO2.

    Safety when operating the air compressor

    It probably goes without saying that you must be careful when using your air compressor. This means, among other things, that you may only connect the device to your dispensing system with suitable hoses and adapters.

    Otherwise it can easily lead to damage to the device or, in the worst case, even to personal injury.

    Buy cheap air compressors online

    If you are looking for an air compressor to operate your dispensing system, you have come to the right place in our shop. We offer you suitable compressors as well as suitable accessories, such as adapters and pressure hoses.

    Order your new air compressor either individually or buy a suitable dispensing system that can be operated with compressed air. When you shop, you benefit from low prices, fast delivery and high product quality. We are therefore sure that you will be completely satisfied with your new air compressor.