Drip trays

When tapping beer, sometimes something goes wrong or the tap continues to drip after the glass has been put down. Drip trays now ensure that the liquid immediately runs into the drain and that the entire bar does not get wet. Drip trays are therefore very useful to ensure the bar is clean.

Drip trays according to requirements

You will find stainless steel drip trays in various sizes. Some models you can simply put on the counter. There are also two-part drip trays in different sizes. Drip trays can also be inserted directly into the countertop. Which of the variants is suitable for you depends on your tap system and your premises. Browse through our range and decide according to your needs!

Drip trays are very useful in the private sphere, but are almost a must in the catering trade. Especially in the gastronomy it must always be very clean, so that unpleasant dirt does not have to be cleaned afterwards. To work more efficiently and save time, drip trays are a good choice here. Water and beverage residues run directly into the drain and do not have to be wiped away before the beer can be drawn further.

Many dispensers - especially the smaller models, which are also very suitable for private use - come with drip trays already integrated in the delivery. You can also order drip trays separately. Perhaps the drip tray will have to be replaced over time; in that case you will find the best replacement with us.

Glass clean tools

By the way, glass clean tools are practical for moistening the beer glasses before tapping. In slightly moistened glasses the beer can be poured in better. There are special drip trays for the glass clean tools, which are suitable in size and format.

Find out at your leisure which size and shape is suitable for you. Drip trays and glass clean tools with drain trays are indeed practical companions for tapping beer and avoiding unnecessary soiling.