<h2>Shot glasses, Vodka glasses - New York Bar, Set of 6 - 55ml</h2> <p>Upgrade your home bar game with this set of six shot glasses from the New York Bar glass series. Made of high-quality crystal glass, these glasses provide an optimal drinking experience with every use.</p> <ul> <li>The ergonomic design of the glasses fits comfortably in your hand for easy enjoyment of your favorite spirits.</li> <li>The 55 ml capacity helps to fully develop the taste and aroma of your preferred beverages.</li> <li>These glasses are resistant to breakages and scratches, which makes them perfect for everyday use.</li> <li>The unique brilliance of the glass adds an aesthetic pleasure to your drink presentation, making it an excellent choice for festive occasions or everyday use.</li> <li>These dishwasher safe glasses are easy to care for, providing a practical and modern addition to any kitchen or bar.</li> <li>The New York Bar glass series is designed with urban flair inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of the New York bar scene.</li> <li>The design and quality of these glasses make them an ideal gift for friends and family members who appreciate sophisticated living.</li> <li>Crafted with special hardness, these glasses provide long-lasting service and excellent brilliance for an attractive look on every table.</li> <li>The linear tumbler design of the glasses makes them suitable for every occasion, whether you prefer juices, mixed drinks, long drinks, Campari, whiskey, schnapps, or other spirits.</li> <li>Combine these shot glasses with other glasses from the New York Bar glass series to create a harmonious and stylish set for all types of drinks.</li> </ul> <p>Choose the New York Bar shot glass set and elevate your drinking experience to a new level of style and sophistication. These glasses are not just a beverage container, they're a statement of quality and style that brings urban flair into your home.</p>


Shot glasses, Vodka glasses - New York Bar, Set of 6 - 55ml

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