<h2>Refill for Kingdom Brew Kit, Beer brewing set - Dunkel</h2> <p>Are you a beer enthusiast looking to brew your own beer at home? Look no further than the Kingdom Brew Kit refill, perfect for creating a delicious and dark Dunkel beer in the comfort of your own kitchen.</p> <p>Crafted by the expert Sir Brews-A-Lot, this refill set contains a complete, scratched grain mixture and all necessary ingredients, including hops, yeast, and even additional ingredients needed for the recipe. Plus, with Chemipro Oxi cleaning agent included, you can rest assured that your brewing equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before use.</p> <p>This all-grain brauet allows for home brewing without any prior knowledge, and yields 5 liters of rich and flavorful beer with an impressive 7.4% alcohol content. Indulge in the taste of a dark abbey beer, brewed by none other than yourself.</p> <p>The Kingdom Brew Kit refill is available in six unique beer styles, making it the perfect choice for any beer lover. Barley malt, candid sugar, hops, and yeast are the only ingredients needed to create a delicious batch of beer with this all-encompassing refill.</p> <ul> <li>Complete, scratched grain mixture for easy brewing at home</li> <li>Yields 5 liters of beer with an impressive 7.4% alcohol content</li> <li>Crafted by expert brewer Sir Brews-A-Lot</li> <li>Includes all necessary ingredients and Chemipro Oxi cleaning agent for sanitation</li> <li>Available in 6 unique beer styles</li> <li>Dimensions of 191mm x 118mm x 294mm and weight of 1.87kg</li> </ul>


Refill for Kingdom Brew Kit, Beer brewing set - Dunkel

Item number NEW-14031

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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