<h2>Elbow fitting CNS 90u00b0 for beer hose 5/8 inch, NW 10mm</h2> <p>Simplify your beer hose connection process with the innovative Elbow Fitting CNS 90u00b0 for Beer Hose 5/8 Inch, NW 10mm. This product features a plastic elbow that maximizes flexibility and efficiency even in the tightest installation conditions. </p> <h3>Main Characteristics:</h3> <ul> <li>90 degree elbow fitting for maximum flexibility</li> <li>Suitable for 5/8 inch beer hose diameter</li> <li>NW 10mm connection ensures precise installation</li> <li>Plastic elbow design for easy and efficient connection</li> <li>Comes fully equipped with hexagon nut and gasket for your convenience</li> <li>Made of high-quality CNS for maximum resilience and reliability, even under increased loads</li> <li>Perfect for any tight installation space</li> </ul> <p>Equipped with the NW 10mm connection, the Elbow Fitting CNS 90u00b0 for Beer Hose 5/8 Inch guarantees efficient and reliable performance in the catering industry.</p> <p>The CNS 90u00b0 angle screw connection for beer hose 5/8 inch, NW 10mm offers easy installation and precise adjustment to your beer hose, ensuring hassle-free use for your business.</p> <p>Made with high-quality CNS to withstand demanding conditions, this angle screw connection is durable, easy to clean, and maintain for long service life. It is a future-proof solution that enhances efficiency in your operation and guarantees reliable performance.</p> <p>Get your Elbow Fitting CNS 90u00b0 for Beer Hose 5/8 Inch, NW 10mm today and experience how easy and effective connecting your beer hose can be. This product is essential for every restaurateur who values professionalism and quality.</p>


Elbow fitting CNS 90° for beer hose 5/8 inch, NW 10mm

Item number 443248

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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