<h2>Cleaning set for Beer Dispenser and keg - small, with 30mm cleaning adapter, brushes and cleaning powder</h2> <p>This cleaning set for tap and keg is an absolute must for every beer lover! With the small cleaning set you always have everything at hand to effectively clean your dispenser and keg. The set consists of:</p> <ul> <li>Pack of 10 cleaning sponges for 7mm beer pipes</li> <li>1 class Can of tap grease</li> <li>1x cleaning adapter for bar taps with a bar tap thread of 30mm</li> <li>1x keg cleaning brush for combination and flat fittings</li> <li>1x tap key</li> <li>1x metal Gardena connection for cleaning adapter</li> <li>30g Bevi Power, cleaning and disinfection powder</li> </ul> <p>With this cleaning set you can easily clean your tap system and keg. Just follow these instructions:</p> <ol> <li>Remove the tap extension (no swivel taps) with the tap wrench and screw on the cleaning adapter.</li> <li>Screw the metal Gardena connection to the cleaning adapter.</li> <li>Put the beer skin in a bucket of water.</li> <li>Insert a cleaning sponge of the appropriate size into the cleaning adapter.</li> <li>Connect the hose with the Gardena coupling.</li> <li>Turn on the water. The cleaning sponge cleans the beer line and dispensing system. It then falls into the water bucket.</li> <li>Repeat this process several times.</li> <li>We recommend additional cleaning of the line with Bevi-Power powder. The powder is dissolved in water and introduced into the beer line using a funnel.</li> <li>Rinsing several times with water is recommended.</li> <li>Done! Your tap system and keg are clean and ready for the next beer enjoyment!</li> </ol>


Cleaning set for Beer Dispenser and keg - small, with 30mm cleaning adapter, brushes and cleaning powder

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