<h2>Tap grease 70ml - Tasteless food fat for beer taps and dispensing systems</h2> <p>With dispensing tap grease, the tasteless food grease in the practical 70ml can, you can maintain your dispensing system effortlessly and thoroughly. Get a professional solution for the maintenance of your beer taps and dispensing systems.</p> <h3>Properties of tap fat</h3> <ul> <li>Taste neutrality ensures genuine enjoyment of beer and other drinks.</li> <li>High stability prevents foam formation for perfect operation of your dispensing system.</li> <li>Resistance to hot water and steam ensures stability even at high temperatures, without the fat running.</li> <li>Food lubricating grease according to LMBG approval suitable for use in dispensing systems.</li> <li>Special formula protects your dispensing system from wear and increases the service life of the taps.</li> <li>Easy to use for regular maintenance and avoiding problems such as leaky or stiff taps.</li> <li>Handy 70ml can is easy to store so you always have enough tap grease on hand.</li> <li>Improves the hygiene of your dispensing system for safe and hygienic use.</li> <li>Saves money on repairs and ensures a long-term investment in the care of your dispensing system.</li> <li>Bar tap grease is ideal for the maintenance of beer tap systems, dispensing systems and other equipment in the food industry.</li> </ul> <p>Invest in the longevity of your dispensing system and order dispensing tap grease today. Enjoy the benefits of tasteless, stable and temperature-resistant tap grease for a smooth tapping experience.</p>


Tap grease 70ml - Tasteless food fat for beer taps and dispensing systems

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Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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