Cleaning Bottle 5L made of plastic for beer dispenser cleaning

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Cleaning Bottle 5L made of plastic for beer dispenser cleaning 

- for gastronomic use maximum 1 x per week recommended

The colour and finish may vary.

The plastic fitting for cleaning container must be ordered separately and is not included in the scope of delivery.

See article: B1135

High quality plastic cleaning container for the cleaning of your dispensing system

Regular cleaning is essential for the smooth operation of your dispensing system and
good hygiene when serving is essential. With this Cleaning container plastic
the professional cleaning of your beer dispenser is done in no time.
The plastic cleaning container has a capacity of five litres and
is suitable for the Cleaning of tapping plants in various versions.

Why regular cleaning is important for tapping systems

Beer is a food. For the operation of a tapping plant, it is therefore necessary to be able to operate both in the private
area as well as in the catering trade, to pay attention to sufficient hygiene. Because with the
Time can vary from the beer hoses to the calming queue to the tap
form deposits in the entire plant.
These not only impair the taste of the beer, but also represent the
ideal breeding ground for germs and can therefore sooner or later even become a
become a health risk.
By professional cleaning with a suitable cleaning container and
cleaning agents, this can be avoided and the tap system is reliably protected from deposits

To use the cleaning container for your dispensing system

First fill the cleaning container with water and a suitable
Cleaning agent, which you can of course also order from our shop.
Now connect the cleaning container with a suitable plastic fitting to your
tap and open the tap.
As soon as cleaning fluid runs out, close the tap again. Wait now
for 20 to 25 minutes, so that the cleaning agent has time to remove dirt from the
to loosen beer lines. Then open the tap and let the complete
Run out cleaning water.
Afterwards you have to Cleaning container only twice complete with clear
Fill up with water and tap empty. In this way you rinse the remains of the cleaning agent
from the plant. Once this is done, your dispensing system is ready for use again.

Buy plastic cleaning containers online

Buy the plastic cleaning container from our shop and benefit from
proven quality at a reasonable price. Order accessories like professional
cleaning agent and the suitable plastic fitting, which you need for connecting the
cleaning container to your beer dispenser, preferably at the same time, so that you can start with the first cleaning immediately after delivery.

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