<p> <strong> Beer suitcase </strong> <b> 1 line, </b> <strong> 60 liters / hr. - with Compensator </strong> <b> </b> </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> <p> - slight dry cooling dispenser <br> - Housing in stainless steel - Design sheet </p> <p> <b> Features: </b> <br> - tap output: 60 l / h <br> <span class = "price"> - 3.1 hp </span> </p> <p> - control range +2 to +11 degrees </p> <p> - Cooling capacity: 549 W / 475kcal / h </p> <p> - Watt (electric) 350 watts / 50 / 60Hz frequency / power consumption 1.5 amps / Supply voltage 220/230 volts </p> <p> - dry cooling dispenser 1 line NW 7mm </p> <p> - continuous tap capacity 60 liters / hour </p> <p> - in 5 minutes ready </p> <p> <b> delivery: </b> </p> <p> - including stainless steel drip tray </p> <p> - incl. Compensator </p> <p> <strong> Size: </strong> </p> <p> B 285 / D 410 H 405 mm &nbsp; (T = 560 mm with drip tray) </p> <p> Weight: approx 24 kg </p> <p> <strong> Made in Germany. </strong> </p> <p> High quality of young and cooling and dispensing technology. </p> <h3> powerful beer case with dry cooling </h3> <p> This beer case shows perfectly that you can rely on the devices by young cooling and <br> Tapping equipment to a high quality and a powerful dispenser <br> makes do with little space. <br> Thanks to its compact dimensions and a weighing just 24 kilos finds the <br> mild dry cooling dispenser on almost any counter space. At the same time the chrome <br> stainless steel case for a chic look that makes the beer case at a great looker provides. </p> <h4> Continuous power take-off power for an uninterrupted serving </h4> <p> The Beer Case provides a continuous tap capacity of 60 liters per hour. <br> This uninterrupted serving is also guaranteed when the demand by All draft beer is something even greater <br> The cooling of the dispenser, you can enjoy yourself to a temperature <br> between two and eleven. Setting degrees and <br> delight your guests as always with perfectly chilled beer. <br> Compensator included makes the use of a sedative <br> snake unnecessary and ensures a successful head of foam that the <br> draft beer at a premium taste experience does. </p> <h4> Flexible deployment options to your liking </h4> <p> Use <br> the compact beer cases of juvenile cooling and dispensing technology either on or under the counter. Because when needed, you can easily convert the easy dispensing system with the matching 30 mm <br> cleaning adapter and use it as under-counter cooler. </p> <h4> Your first draft beer in just five minutes </h4> <p> Order ready for the right to this model accessories, such as a beer hose directly and <br> make the einleitige dry cooling dispenser in no time. The <br> sophisticated design, allowing easy installation and ensures that <br> You can tap into the first cold beer after just five minutes. </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> <p> <strong> produktionsszeit &nbsp; is 2-4 days </strong> </p>


Beer dispenser - beer case 60 litres/hour - with compensator tap

Item number 443517

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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