<h2>Beer dispenser, Beer machine - JET 30K with air pump flow cooler 1-line dry cooler, up to 30 liters/h</h2> <p>The JET 30K dispenser is a dry cooling device with a line and a powerful air pump. The stainless steel cooler has an output of up to 30 liters per hour and can be operated without the use of CO2 thanks to the built-in flow cooler and dry cooling technology. The beer case is mobile and fits on any table or under the counter without taking up too much space.</p> <ul> <li>The dry cooling device keeps the beer perfectly chilled without the need for CO2.</li> <li>Thanks to the air pump, no use of CO2 is necessary and the dispenser can be used mobile.</li> <li>The JET 30K can tap up to 30 liters of beer per hour.</li> <li>Thanks to the continuous cooler and dry cooling technology, the dispenser is ready for use in just a few minutes and can be operated quickly and easily.</li> <li>The dry cooling device is made of robust stainless steel and can withstand high loads.</li> <li>The high efficiency ensures that the dispensing system uses up to 45% less energy than comparable models.</li> <li>The built-in thermostat ensures that the beer is always kept at the right temperature.</li> <li>The dispensing system is easy to clean and can be quickly made ready for use again.</li> <li>The quality of workmanship and packaging guarantees a long service life of the cooler.</li> </ul> <p>With the JET 30K dispensing system you can enjoy a cool, freshly tapped beer at any time - without any CO2. Ideal for use at home or at small events. The cooler is quick and easy to use and scores with its efficient cooling technology and strong performance. Thanks to the air pump-operated cooling system, the dispenser is mobile and can be taken anywhere.</p>



Beer dispenser, Beer machine - JET 30K with air pump flow cooler 1-line dry cooler, up to 30 liters/h

Item number JET-30K

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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