<h2>Complete set Alembic, Distillation apparatus, Distiller - Premium, u0421opper, with accessories and fermentation aids, 1 litre</h2> <h3>Main Characteristics:</h3> <ul> <li>1 liter premium Alembic still made of copper</li> <li>Cleaning brush for bar tap, tap, beer tap</li> <li>JULEP Strainer Stainless Steel 304 - Copper Look</li> <li>Copper funnel and drink meter with thermometer up to 30u00baC</li> <li>Bar spoon SPATULA with spatula Teardrop 45 cm</li> <li>Pure yeast bouquet, 15 g, liquor distiller, 100 ml, and citric acid monohydrate, 100 g</li> <li>Handcrafted copper distillation apparatus with welded connections for optimal stability</li> </ul> <p>The Alembic premium distillation system is a carefully crafted and visually appealing copper still, boasting a 1-liter capacity and featuring a copper pot, condensation container, and helmet with gooseneck, all made of copper. This high-quality distillation apparatus is built to last and includes all necessary accessories and fermentation aids, making it the perfect choice for any home brewer or distiller.</p> <p>The Alembic premium model, with its elegance and durability, is sure to impress and provide its users with a long service life. Its 0.6mm thickness and copper and brass handles ensure optimal stability and functionality, making it a great choice for anyone looking to buy a copper still online.</p><p><strong>Is distillation legal?</strong></p><p>Legality varies from country to country; in some it is permitted while in others it is prohibited. Laws vary, and some regions allow small amounts of distillation for personal use, while others require a commercial license. It is the customer's responsibility to inform themselves about the applicable laws in their country. Our company is not liable for the improper use of our distillation equipment.</p>


Complete set Alembic, Distillation apparatus, Distiller - Premium, Сopper, with accessories and fermentation aids, 1 litre

Item number NEW-7994

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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