<h2>Water dispenser, soda maker, post mix machine, postmix dispenser Omega 5, over counter unit</h2> <p>The Omega 5 Postmix System is the ultimate solution for producing refreshing drinks, right at the counter! With a continuous capacity of 34 liters and a cooling capacity of 765W 2732 kJ/h, you can serve your customers quickly and reliably. It is an over counter unit which makes it easy for the customers to access and use.</p> <h3>Characteristics:</h3> <ul> <li>Compressor - 7.48 cc</li> <li>Cooling capacity - 765 W 2732 kJ/h</li> <li>Continuous capacity - 34 l</li> <li>Temperature - D t = 19u00b0 C</li> <li>Ice storage - 12 kg = 4018 kJ</li> <li>Cooling capacity 1st hour - 85 l</li> <li>Water tank capacity - 38 l</li> <li>Refrigerant - R290</li> <li>Evaporator - copper</li> <li>Ref. System - Capillary</li> <li>Condenser - Air - Steel Structure</li> <li>Control Type - Electronic</li> <li>Carbonizer - 1.8L</li> <li>Housing - Stainless Steel</li> <li>Coils:<ul> <li>Water (soda) 1x (8/7)</li> <li>Water (natural) 1x (8/7)</li> <li>Syrup 5x (6/5)</li> </ul></li> <li>Voltage/Frequency - 230 V 50 Hz</li> <li>Power - 0.95 kW</li> <li>Power consumption - 4.40 A</li> <li>Width x depth x height in mm: 383x573x635</li> </ul> <p>The top counter device allows you to connect up to 5 syrup coils, making it possible to offer a wide variety of drinks. The built-in carbonator and water coils make it easy to create carbonated and still drinks. The machine's stainless steel housing adds to its stability and longevity, while the electronic control type ensures precise dosing and maintainability. The postmix dispenser system is equipped with R290, which is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that minimizes environmental impact.</p> <p>Order your Omega 5 postmix system, top counter unit today and experience the next level of beverage production. Keep your customers happy and satisfied with fresh and delicious drinks that they will order again and again!</p>


Water dispenser, soda maker, post mix machine, postmix dispenser Omega 5, over counter unit

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