<p> <strong> EVERpURE Microguard pro 2 </strong> <br> filtration to 0.15 micron, download 99.9999% of bacteria filtration </p> <p> filter system for navigation use particularly critical applications r <. br> The Microguard pro filter cartridges work in two stages: Hotel & bull; Karbonblockvorfilter to remove Unwanted navigation use nschter Ger navigation use che and flavoring agents, as well as all of the particles & gt; 5 Micron Hotel & gt; & gt; Reduction of organic ingredients & lt; & lt; TOC & gt; & gt; Hotel & gt; & gt; Reduction of chlorine up to 99% <br> & bull; Hollow fiber membrane for the filtration of all particles down to a size &ouml;rOAD 0.15 Micron </p> <p> f <br> navigation use r all applications where bacteria-free water is required, z. B. Wasserger &auml; te in sensitive areas <br> flow rate about 1.9 L / min, download capacity &auml;.. T 8,330 liters </p>


EVERPURE MicroGuard Pro 2 for bacteria-free water

Item number 452539

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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