<h2>Single ear hose clamp, hose clip for NW 7mm, galvanized</h2> <p>Ensure the safety of your catering and bar businesses with the Single Ear Hose Clamp, Clip for NW 7mm, Galvanized. This clip provides a secure and reliable connection for your hoses, allowing you to focus on providing excellent service for your customers. The galvanized design offers extra protection against corrosion and wear, making it perfect for professional applications where safety is a top priority.</p> <h3>Main Features:</h3> <ul> <li>Galvanized Design: Provides additional protection against corrosion and wear, extending the durability and reliability of the hose clamp.</li> <li>Single Clamp Included: Each order includes one single ear hose clamp, allowing you to purchase only the amount you need.</li> <li>Suitable for NW 7mm hoses with 12mm - 14mm diameter: Universal applicability for different types and sizes of hoses, providing flexibility in your application.</li> <li>Durable, Robust and Reliable: The solid construction guarantees long-lasting reliability even under tough conditions.</li> </ul> <p>The Single Ear Hose Clamp, Clip for NW 7mm, Galvanized is ideal for various applications, including bar and catering connectors as well as beer lines and other professional areas where a secure hose connection is necessary. The galvanized finish makes it visually appealing while also providing extra protection against corrosion and wear. Its durability and robustness translate to long-term investment in the safety of your operations.</p> <p>You can rely on the proven quality of the Single Ear Hose Clamp, Clip for NW 7mm, Galvanized to ensure secure and efficient hose connections. Order now and experience the immediate improvement of your hose connections!</p>


Single ear hose clamp, clip for NW 7mm, galvanized

Item number 452599

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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