<h2>Hose nozzle, Curved nozzle - 7mm for beer hose or CO2 hose</h2> <p>With the straight 7mm nozzle for beer or CO2 hose, brewing home-made beer or adding carbon dioxide to drinks becomes child's play. This nozzle is an essential accessory when it comes to optimizing your brewing or mixing process.</p> <h3>The most important properties:</h3> <ul> <li>The nozzle is straight and has a diameter of 7 mm.</li> <li>It is suitable for beer or CO2 hoses, regardless of their material.</li> <li>The spout delivers exactly the flow rate required to achieve optimal taste and the correct carbon dioxide concentration.</li> <li>Their precise construction is ideal for easy handling and excellent performance.</li> <li>Made from high-quality chrome-nickel steel, the nozzle is extremely robust and durable.</li> <li>The secure connection to the hose ends is guaranteed by the stable collar of the nozzle.</li> <li>The attachment on the grommet allows for quick and easy handling during installation or replacement.</li> <li>The smooth surface and easy cleaning make the nozzle hygienic and safe to use.</li> <li>With the elegant design made of chrome-nickel steel, this nozzle looks aesthetically pleasing to the surroundings and underlines the professional appearance.</li> <li>The nozzle is perfect for private use in your own home or in catering establishments.</li> </ul> <p>The straight 7mm nozzle for beer or CO2 hose ensures taste and quality in every type of beer or carbonated drink. Order now and increase the enjoyment and pleasure in your drinks!</p>


Hose nozzle, Curved nozzle - 7mm for beer hose or CO2 hose

Item number 443255

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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