<h2>Ball Lock for Keg Closures (Hiwi/Micro Matic) - Beer Preservation & Flavor Protection, Airtight & Leak-Proof</h2> <p>The ball lock for keg closures (Hiwi and Micro Matic) is a revolutionary product that was specially developed for professional catering. It offers the highest level of protection and maximum safety for drinks in kegs.</p> <h3>Unique advantages and benefits at a glance:</h3> <ul> <li><strong>Effective protection against oxidation and contamination</strong>- Preserves the purity and quality of your beer.</li> <li><strong>Guaranteed perfect taste and scent</strong>- Enjoy a beer of the highest quality every time.</li> <li><strong>Airtightness and pressure stability</strong>- Prevents air from entering and losing pressure in the keg.</li> <li><strong>Easy assembly without complicated accessories</strong>- Quick installation without the need for additional tools.</li> <li><strong>Compatible with most keg closures</strong>- Suitable for Hiwi and Micro Matic threads.</li> <li><strong>High durability and material quality</strong>- Uses high-quality materials for long-term use.</li> <li><strong>Slim design and precise workmanship</strong>- Sets an aesthetic highlight in your business.</li> <li><strong>Effortless cleaning for the highest hygiene standards</strong>- Easy to clean for efficient maintenance.</li> <li><strong>Versatile for maximum flexibility</strong>- Also suitable for other liquid containers to maximize flexibility.</li> <li><strong>Perfect Gift for Beer Lovers</strong>- Practical and stylish accessory for the beer lover in your life.</li> </ul>


Ball Lock for Keg Closures (Hiwi/Micro Matic) - Beer Preservation & Flavor Protection, Airtight & Leak-Proof

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Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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