<h2>FermZilla Fermentation tank, starter kit 27 litre Tri-Conical Gen3</h2> <li>New: The Gen3 Fermzilla TR-Conical. Now with 3 "cast tri-clamp flange and with a newly designed tri-clamp disc valve</li> <li>The Fermzilla 27 L is a compact conical fermentation container made of high-quality PET that offers the home brewer a high degree of control and the ability to watch the fermentation process.</li> <li>Fermentation can be done under pressure (max. 2.4 bar), thanks to the transparent wall.</li> <li>The yeast can be easily removed using the practical collecting container, allowing for immediate clarification without transferring the beer to another container.</li> <li>Large yeast catcher (600ml) also enables yeast to be reused in the next brew.</li> <li>Optional print set allows the Fermzilla to be used as a beer dispenser and transferred to another barrel without losing pressure.</li> <li>Contents include: 27L fermzilla fermentation tank, stainless steel handle and stand, upper lid with pressure boundary valve, 600 mL yeast catchment tank, and various accessories such as TC clamp and different caps.</li> <li>Liquids in the Fermzilla must not exceed a temperature of 50u00b0C. Assembly instructions must be followed carefully to avoid damage.</li> <li>Specifications: Drainage valve, union, conical ground shape, disc valve, PET material, 27L capacity, 2.4 bar pressure rating.</li>


FermZilla Fermentation tank, starter kit 27 litre Tri-Conical Gen3

Item number NEW-14044

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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