with 1x 5L professional adapter and 1x Ku00f6pi pin head, 7mm beer hose and 2.0 <p> <strong> Accessories package 4 kg of CO2 for 2-channel beverage dispensing systems </strong> </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> <p> <span> <b> package consists of: </b> </span> </p> <p> <br> <span> - 2x Co2 hose (1.50 m long) </span> </p> <p> <span> - 2x beer hose (1.50m long - 7mm) </span> </p> <p> <span> - 1x pressure regulator (2leitig) </span> </p> <p> <span> - 1x carbon dioxide cylinder 2 KG Contents (enough for about 600 liters of beer.) </span> </p> <p> <span> - 1x C02 key (captive) </span> </p> <p> <span> - 1x 5-L Adapter (professional metal with Bierabstellhahn) </span> </p> <p> <span> - 1x Ku00f6pi pin head (upper output) </span> </p> <p> <b> Which keg coupler for which brewery !!! - Look at this code in our <a href="http://www.sgeeb.de/brauereiliste.pdf" target="_blank"> list </b> </p> <p> <span> &nbsp; </span> </p> <p> All accessories for the 2-channel beverage dispensing system! - pin is therefore immediately possible </p> <p> <b> - Matching cleaning (see below) </b> </p>


Accessory package 4 with 1x 5L professional adapter and 1x Köpi tap head, 7mm beer hose and 2,0 kg CO2 for 2-line tap systems

Item number 443978

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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