<h2>Keg coupler, Keg closure - Micro-Matic, counter tapping</h2> <p>For anyone looking for an uncomplicated tap system for their professional catering or bar business, the Micro-Matic flat tap head with counter tap is the optimal choice. This product offers outstanding pouring technology that allows beer to be poured quickly and effortlessly. The flat tap head type A is equipped with a number of excellent features that meet the highest demands in the catering industry.</p> <h3>Excellent properties for the highest demands:</h3> <ul> <li>The tap head is flat and allows you to easily place glasses under the spout.</li> <li>With a stainless steel pestle and a drink catcher, the flat tap head is durable and robust.</li> <li>The separate beverage and compressed gas connections enable uncomplicated installation.</li> <li>The kickback-proof counter tap pouring technology (outlet on the side) makes pouring quick, safe and pleasant.</li> <li>Thanks to the flat tap head, beer can be tapped evenly and without foam.</li> <li>Cleaning the tap head is simple and uncomplicated.</li> <li>The pouring technology is reliable and ensures a consistent taste experience.</li> <li>A perfect choice for bars and restaurants that need an uncomplicated, efficient and fast tapping system.</li> <li>Easy to use and suitable even for less experienced personnel.</li> <li>The flat tap head is ideal for perfecting the pouring technology in your company and offering your customers unique taste experiences.</li> </ul>


Keg coupler, Keg closure - Micro-Matic, counter tapping

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Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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