<h2>Cleaning supplies, Cleaning device - beer line, complete set | With accessories for piston and compensator taps</h2> <p>With this beer line cleaner set you can clean your tap system quickly and easily. The complete set consists of a device with hoses and accessories, including cleaning sponges in 7 and 10mm sizes. The device is made of nickel-plated brass and has a rubberized base plate. Unex hose clamps are also included in the scope of delivery.</p> <ul> <li><b>Complete accessory set:</b>The set contains everything you need to thoroughly clean your beverage lines.</li> <li><b>Piston and compensator tap:</b>With the accessory set, the device can also be used to clean the piston or compensator taps.</li> <li><b>Mechanical cleaning:</b>The beverage lines are cleaned mechanically by the sponge balls in the device.</li> <li><b>Dry cleaning:</b>A cleaning agent such as tabs (not included) can be used for dry cleaning.</li> <li><b>Change flow direction:</b>The flow direction of the rinsing process can be changed by turning the device handle to the right or left.</li> <li><b>Time and cost savings:</b>Professional cleaning of the beverage lines with this set saves time and costs compared to manual cleaning.</li> <li><b>For catering and at home:</b>The set is suitable for use in both catering and private households.</li> <li><b>Quick cleaning:</b>With the beer line cleaner set you can thoroughly clean your tap system in a short time.</li> <li><b>Extended service life:</b>Regular cleaning of the beverage lines can extend the service life of the dispensing system.</li> <li><b>Better taste quality:</b>By cleaning the beverage lines, a better taste quality of the drinks is achieved.</li> </ul>


Cleaning supplies, Cleaning device - beer line, complete set - With accessories for piston and compensator taps

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