<p> <span style = "font-size: 18px;"> stage 2 <strong> Spu00fclboy TWIN-GO-T with Teleskopnachspu00fclung (Glu00e4serspu00fclgeru00e4t) </strong> </span> </p> <p> proven Spu00fclboyu00ae with new technical sophistication. The robust two-pot device &nbsp; <br> has a "twin GoT" the current flexible telescopic rinsing from Neptune &nbsp; <br> get T2000. To rinse again all glasses including handle and foot, to <br> cm to a depth of 24th </p> <p> u2022 Optimal glass washing, no fat or lipstick residue <br> u2022 Large water savings through the flush valve <br> (water only flows when a glass is rinsed) <br> u2022 Separate pre- and post in a counter sink <br> u2022 Frischwassernachspu00fclung by a two-stage telescopic valve <br> u2022 preservation of glass decoration, because it is not rinsed hot <br> u2022 Easy connection. The mounted 3/8 "- connector fits <br> to the thread of the bottom <br> u2022 Easy cleaning of the unit: brush strips and bayonet middle brush <br> and protection rings and ring showers are easily removable <br> </p> <p> <b> Features: </b> </p> <p> Length: 38 &nbsp; cm <br> Width: 19 &nbsp; cm <br> Height: 33 &nbsp; cm <br> pot u00f8: 18 cm <br> Weight: 1.9 kg </p> <p> <b> General Declaration on Spu00fclboy: </b> </p> to <p> In order to enjoy a beer right, a clean glass plays a decisive and Scroll. Residues of other drinks, aggressive detergents, download dishwashing liquid or even lipstick traces without fail the pure taste of beer. <br> A crystal clear purged glass also stands for hygiene in a Hotels and is certainly always good advertising for the guest host. </p> <p> The original Spu00fclboyu00ae guarantees thorough rinsing. <br> All Spu00fclboyu00ae glass washers work only with water pressure and offer <br> a quick and easy handling. They are also extremely water-and <br> space saving! </p> <p> In a Vorspu00fcltopf with indoor and outdoor brushes, the tubes are mechanically <br> cleaned. In a Nachspu00fcltopf or open rinsing (depending on model <br>) of each glass with the patented 2-stage valve inside and outside <br> is rinsed with fresh water. <br> water is entirely consumed when operated rinsing is - <br> parallel with the rinsing of the glass runs fresh water in the <br> Vorspu00fcltopf and guarantees a constant supply of fresh water <br> All Spu00fclboyu00ae-glass washers in accordance with the Getru00e4nkeschankanlagen- <br> Regulation trSK 400, clause 5.7. .4 and only require one sink. <br> In future, all devices with the KTW and DVGW certified water supplies are equipped <br> hoses <br> meet the new drinking water regulations from 1.1.2003. <br> all types of glass, including wheat beer glasses are washed perfectly and can <br> the guest genuinely enjoy his beer <br> <u> <strong> WARNING: </strong> </u> &nbsp; &nbsp; <strong> pOT oF NOT BODENpLATTE REMOVE; OTHERWISE WARRANTY NOT AppliCABLE </strong> </p>


Original Spülboy Twin-Go-T (glass washing machine)

Item number 443077

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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