<h2>Glass Washer - Original SPu00dcLBOY, Twin-Go-T, with 2-Stage Telescopic Rinsing</h2> <p>Introducing the TWIN-GO-T glass washer, an innovative device that uses a two-stage telescopic valve to rinse glasses, ensuring optimal cleaning without leaving behind any grease or lipstick residue. This robust 2-pot device guarantees crystal clear glasses without damage to any glass decoration, perfect for bars, restaurants, and other hospitality industry settings.</p> <h3>Key Features:</h3> <ul> <li>Optimal glass cleaning, no grease or lipstick residues</li> <li>Great water savings thanks to the pressure flusher</li> <li>Separate pre- and post-rinsing in a counter basin</li> <li>Fresh water rinsing through a two-stage telescopic valve</li> <li>Protection of the glass decoration as it is not washed with hot water</li> <li>Easy connection</li> <li>Easy to clean the device</li> <li>Crystal clear glasses for optimum drink taste</li> </ul> <p>The SPu00dcLBOY TWIN-GO-T glass washer is quick and easy to use as it only works with water pressure. It is water-saving, measuring just 38cm in length, 19cm in width, and 33cm in height. All glasses including stem and base can be washed up to a depth of 24cm, and the device is compact and lightweight, weighing only 1.9kg.</p> <p>A cleanly washed glass is the basis for perfect beer enjoyment. The Original SPu00dcLBOY guarantees you a crystal-clear washing result, which stands for hygiene in the bar and as a symbol for the innkeeper.</p> <p>Invest in the Original SPu00dcLBOY TWIN-GO-T glass washer today, and experience the efficiency, space-savings, and superb cleaning power that it provides. Get your supply of sparkling glasses today!</p>


Glass washer - Original SPÜLBOY, Twin-Go-T, with 2-stage telescopic rinsing

Item number 443077

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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