<h2>Beer Tower, Tower Beer Dispenser - Model Tower, Poliert, 2 Lines</h2> <p>This beer tower model Tower is perfect for bottling beer and other beverages. With a height of 51 cm and a tap height of 41 cm, it's a great addition to your bar or restaurant. It comes with accessories for fixing the bars and is available in a 1 (80mm diameter) or 2-line (114mm diameter) model. You can choose from a variety of finishes including matt brushed, polished or TIN gold-coloured (scratch-resistant gold look).</p> <p>Please note that the delivery does not include a tap so you will need a tap with 35 mm thread. You can find suitable accessories such as beer taps and beer hoses below.</p> <ul> <li>Height: 51 cm</li> <li>Tap height: 41 cm</li> <li>Accessories for fixing the bars</li> <li>Available as 1 (80mm diameter) or 2-line (114mm diameter) model</li> <li>Matt brushed, polished or TIN gold-coloured (scratch-resistant gold look)</li> <li>Delivery does not include a tap</li> </ul> <p>Get your hands on this beer tower or beer column and enjoy easy and convenient bottling. Choose from our range of finishes and find the perfect model for your needs.</p>


Beer pump, party pump, Keg picnic pump,with tap, 3/4"" outlet for Co2

Item number 443071

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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