<h2>Kitchen tap, Water tap, Faucet, cold water tap - BRUSE, for cold water</h2> <p>The cold water tap is the perfect addition to any bar or restaurant looking for easy access to refreshing cold water. Its durable and attractive chrome-plated surface, combined with a ceramic top and air mixer, creates a splash-free and high-quality experience.</p> <h3>Product Features:</h3> <ul> <li>Chrome-plated surface for a long-lasting and stylish appearance.</li> <li>Ceramic top precise control of water flow without any signs of wear.</li> <li>Air mixer ensures a perfect, splash-free pouring experience.</li> <li>Includes distributor piece with shut-off valve, flush pipe, and flexible hose for easy installation.</li> </ul> <p>The chrome-plated surface of the cold water tap not only looks attractive, but also provides a durable protective layer against external influences. The ceramic top ensures long-lasting and precise control of the water flow without showing any signs of wear. Every drop of ice-cold water becomes a refreshing pleasure thanks to the well-designed and thoughtful construction of the tap</p> <p>The air mixer embedded in the tap ensures a perfect, splash-free pouring experience that will elevate any glass of water. With the u201cBRUSEu201d, drawing water is an enjoyable experience. The distributor piece included with the delivery simplifies the installation process with the included shut-off valve, flush pipe, and flex hose. Even without any installation experience, you can easily put the tap into operation.</p> <p>The u201cBRUSEu201d cold water tap combines high-quality construction and functionality with user-friendliness. Elevate your customer's experience and order the "BRUSE" cold water tap today and bring ultimate refreshment to your bar or restaurant!</p>


Kitchen tap, Water tap, Faucet - model "BRUSE" for cold water

Item number NEW-3146

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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