<h2>Whiskey glasses, Whiskey cups - New York Bar, Set of 6, 190ml, Crystal Tumblers for Whisky, Cocktails & Spirits</h2> <p>Elevate your whiskey drinking experience with these exquisite pure whiskey glasses from the New York Bar collection. With this set of 6 glasses, you no longer have to go to a New York bar to feel the vibe, you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.</p> <ul> <li>The set of 6 pure whiskey glasses boasts a timeless design that adds sophistication and intrigue to any drink you serve.</li> <li>The 190ml capacity allows you to enjoy your favorite whiskey, cocktail or spirit, while showcasing its aromas and flavors to perfection.</li> <li>Made from high-quality crystal glass, these glasses exhibit unparalleled brilliance, hardness, and scratch resistance.</li> <li>Crafted to exceptional standards and boasting a flawless finish, these tumblers create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.</li> <li>Their dishwasher-safety makes maintenance a breeze, enabling you to focus on what's important - enjoying your drink.</li> <li>Create an air of sophistication and elegance at your parties, gatherings, or private moments with these glasses that are sure to impress your guests.</li> <li>These versatile glasses are not just for whiskey, they're perfect for serving a variety of drinks such as juices, mixed drinks, long drinks, Campari, schnapps and more.</li> <li>The weight of the glasses adds to their value, creating a pleasant and comfortable Hold in the hand with every sip.</li> <li>The straight and well-defined shapes of these glasses give every drink the necessary competence and Set new standards for sophisticated enjoyment.</li> <li>Indulge in your favorite drink like never before with the New York Bar collection's ideal whiskey glasses, which are a must-have for all discerning connoisseurs of whiskey, cocktails & spirits.</li> </ul>


Whiskey glasses, Whiskey cups - New York Bar, Set of 6, 190ml, Crystal Tumblers for Whisky, Cocktails & Spirits

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