<p> <strong> profi - WEINFLASCHENENTKORKER - wine bottle opener - corkscrew </strong> </p> <p> - With mounting - <br> for quick and easy uncorking - fully chromed and solid design <br> - with wide screw </p> <p> <strong> Important: The spindle is interchangeable </strong> </p> <h3> Robust wine bottle opener for professionals </h3> <p> To open a wine bottle you need, of course, an appropriate <br> wine bottle opener. This is true both for private events as well as in restaurants. <br> A simple corkscrew, as it usually is in the private sector for use, daily use, however, is suitable for <br> in restaurants is limited. He will not hold in most cases <br> long and need to be replaced fairly quickly. <br> For this reason, we recommend that you instead to a professional <br> wine bottle how you can order it from us to grab. </p> <h4> Benefits of a professional wine bottle opener </h4> <p> A professional wine bottle for the catering industry is much easier to <br> handling and facilitates your work. This is especially advantageous if you have many <br> guests and the time is therefore short. <br> Apart benefit in a professional Weinflaschenentkorker of a particularly <br> robust construction that opened even after countless bottles nor reliable their service <br> done. </p> <h4> professional Wine Bottle Opener at I Journal-buy </h4> <p> Order your wine bottle is best directly from us. The device has a <br> broad and stable screw with which you can safely attach the professional corkscrew at the <br> counter or a table. This bottle can be not only very quickly became, but also very comfortable uncork. <br> addition, provides the solid design that our vollverchromter <br> wine bottle easily withstands the requirements of the catering and his work <br> long reliably performed. </p> <p> However, even if the spindle should go sometime broken, is not a big problem <br> represents. Since it is easy to replace, you do not buy directly a new <br> wine bottle opener, but only buy a replacement spindle and <br> replace it. </p>


Professional corkscrew - WINE BOTTLE CORKER - Wine bottle opener

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