<h2>Bevi Handy Beer line cleaning device - Chemical & Mechanical System</h2> <p>Looking for an innovative and efficient solution to keep your beer lines hygienically perfect? Look no further than the Bevi Handy beer line cleaning device. This advanced system allows you to clean your beer lines both chemically and mechanically, using a combination of rubber sponges and Bevi-Tabs, for maximum cleanliness and taste safety.</p> <h3>Discover the outstanding characteristics of the Bevi Handy:</h3> <ul> <li><strong>Complete with hoses and accessories:</strong>The Bevi Handy comes with everything you need for professional pipe cleaning, for a smooth application without additional effort.</li> <li><strong>Chemical-mechanical cleaning:</strong>Use the power of the rubber sponges and Bevi-Tabs to thoroughly clean your beer lines and effectively remove deposits, for maximum hygiene and quality.</li> <li><strong>Quick sponge and tab change:</strong>Thanks to the bayonet lock, you can quickly and easily exchange sponges and tabs to save time and optimize the cleaning process.</li> <li><strong>Easy to use:</strong>Simply connect the taps to the connecting hoses, link them in the basement, and place a cleaning sponge with a Bevi Tab in the glass adapter to get started.</li> <li><strong>Alkaline or acidic Bevi Tabs:</strong>Choose the perfect cleaning solution for your needs, with both alkaline and acidic Bevi Tabs available.</li> <h3>Included in delivery</h3> <ul> <li>Bevi Handy</li> <li>Intake hose</li> <li>Drain hose</li> <li>Basement connector</li> <li>Connecting hose for tap (2 pieces)</li> <li>Cleaning brush</li> <li>Cleaning sponge, 7 and 10 mm cable</li> <li>Cleaning agent Bevi Tab alkaline (2 pieces)</li> <li>User instructions</li> </ul> </ul>


Bevi Handy Beer line cleaning device - Chemical & Mechanical System

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Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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