<h2>Brush cleaner for glass washers and glass washer brushes - 1kg</h2> <p>Keep hygiene in your catering business at the highest level with our brush cleaner for glass washers and glass washer brushes in practical 1 kg packs.</p> <h3>Characteristics:</h3> <ul> <li><strong>Effective cleaning:</strong>Has a beer slime-breaking and bleaching effect to effortlessly remove dirt and impurities.</li> <li><strong>Compatibility:</strong>Suitable for glasswashing devices or glasswashing brushes, especially for devices from Gastro-Boy, Delfin and SPu00dcLBOY.</li> <li><strong>Easy to use:</strong>Sprinkle the cleaner onto the brushes, place them in hot water for 15 minutes and then rinse them thoroughly with tap water - maximum cleanliness is that easy.</li> <li><strong>Proven effect:</strong>Guarantees quick and effective removal of dirt and germs that accumulate on glasswashing brushes and glasswashing devices.</li> <li><strong>Brand support:</strong>Specially developed for the hygienic cleaning of glass removal devices from renowned brands such as Gastro-Boy, Delfin and SPu00dcLBOY.</li> <li><strong>Long-lasting cleanliness:</strong>Provides not only hygiene, but also long-lasting shine for the glasses in your catering establishment.</li> <li><strong>Quality:</strong>A reliable partner for an impeccable reputation in your catering business.</li> <li><strong>Fast and effective:</strong>The quick effect saves time and effort when cleaning your glasswashing brushes and glasswashing devices.</li> <li><strong>1 kg content:</strong>A generous amount for long-term cleanliness and hygiene in your company.</li> <li><strong>Added value:</strong>By using our brush cleaner, you not only rely on cleanliness, but also on sustainable added value for your catering business.</li> </ul>


Brush cleaner for Glass washer - 1kg

Item number 443063

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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