<h2>Water dispenser, soda maker, sparkling water maker, carbonated water maker - SPOT 50, stand-alone device, spider UV LED, black</h2> <p>The SPOT 50 water soda maker, water dispenser and dispensing system are ideal for offices and practices. With this device, you can enjoy sparkling or still water at any time. Here are some of the main features:</p> <h3>Characteristics:</h3> <ul> <li>Available in different colors and with or without cup dispenser</li> <li>Large dispensing area for any type of water bottles and carafes</li> <li>Spider UV LED technology on the spout ensures hygienic drinking by preventing re-contamination</li> <li>Contact-free operation for extra hygiene</li> <li>Cooling capacity of 50 l/h at a temperature difference of u0394T = 10u00b0C thanks to the wet cooler</li> <li>Heating from 5u00b0 to 13u00b0C when dispensing still water</li> <li>Serving height of 29 cm and removable drip tray for extra comfort</li> <li>Stainless steel buttons, low-noise function and interchangeable front design for additional comfort</li> <li>Dimensions (WxDxH) of 420x550x1330 mm and weight of 35 kg for a space-saving yet robust design</li> <li>Maximum power consumption of 430 W for energy-efficient use</li> <li>Support H2O operating pressure of at least 2 bar and maximum 3.5 bar as well as CO2 operating pressure of maximum 3.8 bar</li> <li>Storage temperature between 4u00b0C and 35u00b0C</li> <li>Pump with membrane technology for high reliability and minimal noise</li> <li>High-quality polymer front and stainless steel housing for a long-lasting construction</li> <li>Removable carbonator cooling unit for easy cleaning</li> </ul>


Water dispenser, sparkling water maker, carbonated water maker, soda maker - SPOT 50, stand-alone device, spider UV LED, black

Item number NEW-13040

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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